GDR Tresses

Géométrie Analytique


Conference of the GDR

"Braids and low dimensional topology"

31 August - 3 September 2005
at the University of Rennes- IRMAR -
Rooms 004-006, Building 22 - Campus de Beaulieu - Rennes

Scientific commitee :
Mark Baker, University of Rennes
Christian Blanchet, University of Bretagne Sud
Luis Paris, University of Bourgogne
Bert Wiest, University of Rennes

Secretary : C. Halet  (Rennes)

Online registration form
To be sent before 20 june 2005



Topics :

There will be two mini-courses (3 one-hour sessions each) given by Alan Reid, professor at the University of Texas at Austin, on "Arithmetic groups and low-dimensional topology", and by Andrzej Zuk, professor at Jussieu University in Paris "Random walks on automata groups".

In addition, there will be a programme of 40 minute talks, contributed by conference participants.


Schedule of the conference :

Opening of the conference and registration of the participants will start at 7pm on Wednesday, 31 August 2005 at IRMAR - room 004 - building 22 .

We suggest that you arrive in Rennes with the train that leaves Paris at 4.05pm, and arrives in Rennes at 6.08pm.
The participants will be housed in the student residence of the INSA, on the Beaulieu campus, close to Mathematic Institute (IRMAR) or at Agrocampus on St Brieuc direction (bus n° 16 Marbeuf stop). A buffet-dinner on the day of arrival, as well as all breakfasts and lunches will be provided by the conference, and will take place on campus (with vegetarians options). For all other dinners, the participants are encouraged to explore the restaurants of Rennes, and in particular the numerous "creperies" in the centre of town. There is a regular bus service between campus and the city center (bus number 16 : "Beaulieu-Beauregard").

The conference will finish on Saturday 3 September, around 11.30-12 noon. We suggest that for your return travel you use the train leaving Rennes at 1.05pm and arriving in Paris (Montparnasse station) at 3.15pm.

There should be no registration fee (subject to change if funding for the conference is not approved as expected).

How to get to the IRMAR - Campus de Beaulieu in Rennes,
Building 22, 263 avenue du Général Leclerc - 354042 RENNES CEDEX
Tel (33) 2 23 23 60 28 or 50 41- Fax (33) 2 23 23 67 90
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